RC Dual form action car NP01A

Rs 6,450.00
Color: Green

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RC Dual form action car NP01A - Nesh Kids Store
RC Dual form action car NP01A
Rs 6,450.00

The innovative 2.4 Remote Function Dual-Form Car, a thrilling choice for adventurous kids aged 6 and above. This remarkable car offers a unique dual form design, available in vibrant pink and green variants, designed to captivate and entertain.

With its 4-wheel drive, this super car conquers various terrains effortlessly, ensuring an exhilarating and seamless driving experience. The ability to perform 360-degree rotations adds a dynamic dimension to play, allowing for thrilling spins and maneuvers that captivate young drivers.

Prepare for excitement as colorful lights adorn this car, transforming every race into a dazzling spectacle. Its vibrant lights enhance the visual appeal, making playtime an electrifying experience.

Crafted for thrilling adventures, this car boasts a 45-degree climbing capability, allowing it to conquer obstacles and climb inclines with ease. It's designed to inspire creativity and ensure hours of engaging play for kids seeking action-packed fun.

Experience the thrill of versatile transformations, dynamic movements, and vibrant lights with the 2.4 Remote Function Dual-Form Car. It's the perfect choice for young enthusiasts ready to embark on exciting, adrenaline-fueled adventures!

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